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25.10.Open Assembly: projects United We Stay – how to support & defend the projects at risk
29.10.Syndikat eviction court date
02.11.Demonstration of all projects at risk of eviction (Liebig34, Meuterei, Köpi, Syndikat, Drugstore, Potse, Rigaer94, SabotGarden)
15.11.Liebig34 eviction court date

Call for Action Days

10 years of concrete boom, 15 years privatization of urban apartments, 20 years lack of construction of social housing, 29 years Berliner Linie. Displacement creates fear among many and restricts social life. The system has a name: Capitalism. In Berlin, the right to ownership of land has become the decisive factor in whether people can afford this city.

But between malls, luxury buildings and regulated public spaces, we also find resistant moments and places. With the “Do some Action Days” an alliance of various groups wants to intensify the existing housing policy struggles. Action days propose themselves, in order to combine publicly promoted meetings such as discussion rounds, workshops, film evenings and Solipartys with concrete practice. Thematically it is about the expropriation, the appropriation, the opposing and the preservation of spaces and places, in theory and practice.

One of the aims of the Action Days is to make the variety of forms of action visible. Central here are the struggles of existing projects in Berlin, such as the Liebig34, the Potse, the Syndicat, the Meuterei and the Rigaer94, the prevention of the threatened evictions and the new occupation of other premises.

Resist: Occupy from 26 to 29 September houses, apartments, offices and public spaces. Fight for the preservation of threatened projects and for a city worth living in. We want to acquire this city practically. This is what you are all called upon to do.

The city belongs to us!

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You/ your group/ house/ initative wants to participate in the action days?

Do your own actions or events. If you want, these can be added to the programm that will be published on the this blog and its twitter account.

Write your own call and explain why your group participates in the acion days.

Participate in the action of others: public actions will be announced prior to the action days. Watch out for information to follow. Action trainings will be taking place in August and September.

Support the infrastructure: register for a shift in the shift timetable, for one of the following tasks: cooking, prison support, child care (shift timetables will be published later).

You can find the layout files for our posters and stickers here.

Mailing list

If you want to receive updates from us via mail, you can subscribe to our mailing list by sending an empty mail to tumalwat-subscribe@lists.riseup.net.


Write us at tumalwat@riseup.net.

Every Wednesday there is a bar at Rigaer 94, where you can talk to us or put texts in our letter box there.

Additionally you can reach out to us via Besetzen Sprechstunde at Scherer8 every Thursday from 6 to 8pm.

We like to publish your calls and texts.